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The Stone of Madness is a hardcore real-time tactics and stealth game set in a Spanish madhouse in the late 18th century. Located in the Pyrenees, a timeworn Jesuit monastery is home both to a madhouse and an inquisitorial prison. Five mysterious characters have been imprisioned between its walls under different pretenses. Plagued by cruel punishment, madness and despair, they will soon devise a plan to escape this place.


vision fantasmal_pequeña

Using an isometric perspective take and alternate control of your characters and aid their escape. Explore your surroundings, find clues and tools to help you achieve your goal. Be careful though, if you’re caught being somewhere you shouldn’t be the guards will not be kind…

We all have our strenghts and weaknesses and our heroes are no different. Each character starts with various traumas and phobias. Depending on how you play, their sanity will deteriorate. This in turn increases the game’s difficulty. But characters can also unlock positive skills or reverse the negative effects on their sanity by finding «Stones of Clarity» which are scattered throughout the monastery.

Each new game generates a different monastery thanks to a semi-procedural system. Everything from the monastery lay-out to item location is variable making each play session as fresh as the first. Also, choose from several different escape plans to execute, each with its own stories, objectives, special characters and other surprises.

Time is continuous in the game; Day & Night phases are split with actions to complete during the day and preparation activities (healing/crafting/resting) at night. Most actions can be completed during the day while others, are better done at night with fewer eyes watching. But there are reasons you should not go prowling at night.